Vendors Due Your Diligence on Competition

We have created this short weekly blog only to provide more help understanding both Vendors and Event Organizers and create a common ground for both parties. Please remember that this should be a team work, not a competition. We are involved with both parties on a regular basis and we hope this weekly blog will be of some help for most of you.


To all Arts & Crafts Vendors – When signing up for events, please check on your competition. Make sure you do your diligence and research all vendors who are already registered in the event, because they are the competition. They will be the ones to take over the consumer market and get all the sales, so you will end up complaining about the event, organizers, attendance and so forth, not realizing that maybe your products are not competitive compared to others; you cannot sell trinkets in a fine art event, as an example.

We, same as most event organizers, have a full list of participating vendors for each ones of our events, so please make sure you check them out.

Disclaimer: The subjects related in this blog are based solely on our staff’s opinions and experiences in the events industry and should be treated accordingly.